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Scouring the World for Deals

This is pretty much us in that pic; we go bargain hunting in all sorts of places with one clear goal: To find our customers quality products at insanely good rates The world is getting smaller and smaller (not literally or my feet would hurt less working so hard for you!) when it comes to finding different products and awesome stuff from great suppliers around the world. We then bring it all home and offer it to you. It’s hard work out on the hunt but we love what we do because finding, negotiating and offering you Stoopid Deals is...

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2 months, 3 logos | clearly we're not smart

It's been 2 months since we've launched and we're already on our 3 logo.  The most current logo is below: The previous one: And the original: At the rate we're changing logos we're going to need to dedicate all hands on deck to creating new logos.  We do not have any time to do anything else except update our logo.  Yeah, we're stupid.

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We're Officially Stoopid

And we've launched.  Well not exactly.  We're about to launch.  We're crossing our T's and dotting our I's (I hate when people say that).  We're in the process of loading up some stupid cheap deals so we can have some deals to offer when we go live later this week.  It would be pretty stupid to lauch a deal site without any deals.   A few people have asked us why our site is STOOPID DEALS rather than the correct spelling STUPID DEALS.  That's a good question.  The answer is that was already taken.     A few others...

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