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3 Mystery Dress Shirts

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Get 3 random long sleeve dress shirts from Jordan Jasper  You select the size and we select the shirts.  Each shirt has slightly slim fit.  You will most likely get more than 1 solid and one check.

BRAND NAME: Jordan Jasper

WHAT'S IN THE BOX: 3 Long Sleeve Dress Shirts in your selected size.

DEAL TYPE: Random (You don't necessarily get the exact items pictured)

Q & A

Q: How many shirts do I get?

A: 3


Q: Are they long sleeve or short sleeve or a mix?

A: All 3 are long sleeve.


Q: What's the fit like?

A: The fit is slightly slim.  The chest runs slim.  You can wear them tucked in our out


Q: Will this shirt fit me?

A: Seriously? Did you read anything or look at the size chart?

The Deal 

WHAT MAKES THIS DEAL SO STOOPID? If you go to the brand's website ( you'll see most of their shirts are $89.99.  We're offering 3 of them for $29.99.  On their site that would be $269.97.  On our site it's $29.99 (plus free shipping)


What does Zoop mean?...It means absolutely nothing. Not only have we wasted this precious real estate on our website we have also wasted your time. I sincerely hope you are not still reading this. I hope at some point later today you make up some time to offset this horrible waste of time.

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