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3 Random Polo Shirts

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Get 3 polo shirts in your size.  You select the size and the leave the rest up to us.  We have solids and we have some with contrast collars. 

BRAND NAME: Filthy Etiquette

WHAT'S IN THE BOX: 3 polo shirts in your selected size.

DEAL TYPE: Random (You don't necessarily get the exact items pictured)

FIT: Slighly Slim

Q & A

Q: Is the fabric soft?

A: Yes, very much so.


Q: Do I get the 3 polos in the picture?

A: No, you get 3 polos chosen by our staff.  You select the size.


Q: Are all of the polos short sleeve?

A: Yes


Q: What happens when you get 'scared half to death' twice?

A: You are 1/4 alive

The Deal 

WHAT MAKES THIS DEAL SO STOOPID? If you look on the brands website ( you'll see these polos priced around $59.  If you shop around the web you might find them cheaper but certainly not this cheap.  On our site we're offering 3 polos for $19.99 (PLUS FREE SHIPPING).




Free shipping to anywhere in the United States.  The price that you see is the final price.  We will not add on any annoying shipping or handling charges when you get to checkout.


RETURN POLICY: All sales on Stoopid Deals are final sale.  That comes with the territory when buying stuff this heavily discounted.  If you product is damaged or defective we'll send a replacement or issue a refund.  You can reach out to us at 



What does Zoop mean?...It means absolutely nothing. Not only have we wasted this precious real estate on our website we have also wasted your time. I sincerely hope you are not still reading this. I hope at some point later today you make up some time to offset this horrible waste of time.

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