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Yes, you read that correctly!  Buy 1 skinny tie and you'll get not 1, not 2 .. but THREE free skinny ties. Just add any 4 to your cart and use the code 3FREETIES at checkout!

About the ties: Just like the name implies, they're skinny.  They measure 2.25" wide (measured at the bottom) and a standard 58" long.  The ties will fit all guys under 6'5".  If you're 6'5" or over you need to find an extra long tie. If you're on the shorter side you can make a standard tie work for you by tying a Windsor Knot or a Double Windsor Knot.

In case the banner above isn't clear it means that shipping is FREE for all orders within the United States.  We ship from Durham, North Carolina.  It's a great place, read about it here.

Several of the ties come with the TIE CLIP that you see in the picture.  So really you're getting 4 ties PLUS a few tie clips.

In case you already forgot, use the code 3FREETIES at checkout to redeem this stoopid deal!